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Think Twice Before You Skip Todays Workout

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

How many times have you completed a workout, of any kind, and felt all types of stress afterwards. Like that 30 minute workout just took your anxiety to the next level. You wish you had never stepped foot in the gym. Regretting the moment you popped in that workout video or went on that run…. Sike! That doesn’t happen! You never regret it. Most people avoid exercise because of the stress and discomfort it puts on the body. But this stress isn’t the kind to be avoided and is often mistaken as distress; when in actuality it's eustress! Eustress is what you should be in constant search of in order to bloom into your best self. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two types of stressors:

DISTRESS- Stress we do not seek; causes anxiety, pain, or despair; decreases performance

· Loss of a loved one

· Illness

· Separation from a partner

EUSTRESS- Stress that motivates and focuses energy; within coping abilities; improves performance

· Exercise

· Starting a business

· Overcoming stage fright! (I can’t be alone on this one)

Now that we’ve differentiated. Let’s get back to this exercise business. I think we are all aware of the countless physical benefits exercise provides (stay tuned for that post) and they are all amazing motivators. But physical benefits aside, the thing that really keeps me at it, is the euphoric feeling that comes after the workout. A literal high! A mood! Can someone say free therapy? This is due to the release of endorphins (a hormone) that happens as a result of exercise. Endorphins act similar to morphine, destroying the perception of pain without the unhealthy addiction and dependence. By adding regular exercise to your lifestyle and enduring the eustress, you are combating anxiety, depression, low self esteem, and so much more. When I am working out on a consistent basis I promise you my days are one thousand times brighter; And it's ok to miss days or take days off. Shoot maybe you miss a whole week. We're human! But when that happens... pay attention to how you feel and your energy level. You'll most likely notice the difference. So if the physical benefits aren’t enough to get you moving, consider these other amazing advantages and tend to your mental health!

Nike Training Club and Aaptiv are two of my favorite mobile apps for both home and gym workouts that help me achieve my natural high. These apps cater to every fitness level from super beginner to trained athlete. Both walk you through each workout start to finish. I love to challenge myself with the quick metabolic workouts that are designed to keep your body burning calories long after you’re finished. They also fill me with the most energy to conquer the day and provide the greatest sense of accomplishment! I use these apps daily if even just for a quick yoga recovery session. Keep in mind that consistency is key to remaining in an energized state. Make eustress a constant and I promise your life will alter in tremendous ways!

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